MRL  Lab. Research Opportunity 2002-3

Begin in the academic year 2002 and continue from the previous activity, the Microelectronic Research Laboratory (MRL) is providing Research opportunity for full-time master students (or Ph.D. candidates) Research topics include (but not limited to):

Full-time enrolled, hard-working, and fully-committed master students (or Ph.D. candidates). Basic knowledge of analogue and digital circuits.
Special considerations will be given to students with prior knowledge and/or experience on SPICE, VHDL, C, Matlab and/or UNIX.

Prospective students please apply within the laboratory or e-mail with their curriculum vitae (CV)
and full transcripts to:

Students will have an opportunity to use high-end workstations and advanced IC design tools such as L-Edit, HSPICE, VHDL, Verilog, and Cadence. Opportunity for real chip implementation and testing.

Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit and System Design

High-performance on-chip high voltage generators
Multiple Value Logic (MVL) and System

Semiconductor devices

CMOS Process Simulation
Device Parameters Extraction

Algorithm and methodology in CAD
Library & Standard cell design
Partitioning, Routing, Compacting

System Design in Algorithm and Architecture in Digital Signal Processing
Data Encryption (Asymmetric Key)
Audio/Video Coding (DCT, VLC)
Finger Print Recognition
Forward Error Correction (FEC)
       - Reed Solomon Code
       - Concatenate Code
       - Convolution, Viterbi Code

Other in-line Interest
GPS and tracking applications

Current Research Topics
Algorithm to Architecture Realisation (signal Processing)
Device Modeling and Process Verification
Low level VLSI Design
Analogue & Digital Integrated Circuit
Algorithm & Implementation of VLSI Technique

General Contact Address
B-317 Electronic & Computer Bldg.
          Faculty of Engineering
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology
Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520, Thailand

        Tel: (+662) 326 4222 Ext. 114
        Fax: (+662)739 2398



Lab Provision
The lab holds an Enterprise CAD Server, Unix terminals and a set of CAD tool  which are opened for all potential users. Wide range of PCs are also available. Please contact a lab member for detail discussion.